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RIM® let us know it is bringing its enterprise security expertise to consumers and small businesses with a new application – BlackBerrybbprotect Protect.

BlackBerry Protect is a free security application that allows you to remotely backup, restore and locate your BlackBerry smartphone, from wherever you are, via your desktop computer, in the event that your device is misplaced, lost or stolen.

Key BlackBerry Protect features include:

  • Remote Device Management:

–      Protect important information on a lost BlackBerry smartphone by remotely wiping or locking the device from your desktop

–      Remotely add contact information to the home screen of a locked BlackBerry smartphone so it can be returned if found

–      See your BlackBerry smartphone’s location and pinpoint the current whereabouts of a lost or stolen device with cell tower and GPS device tracking

–      Find a nearby misplaced BlackBerry smartphone by remotely activating a loud ringer

  • Over the Air (OTA) Backup and Restore:

–      Back up data from your BlackBerry smartphone (including Contacts and Calendar; Memos and Tasks; Browser Bookmarks and Text Messages) over Wi-Fi

–      Restore your data to a new BlackBerry smartphone, or simply switch from one BlackBerry smartphone to another

BlackBerry Protect will be available in Limited Beta later this week, and available via Open Beta later this year. To find out more about the product, please review the posting on Inside BlackBerry HERE.

If you are not signed up yet for the open beta test site, get signed up HERE!

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