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SnapSHOT is a native app that allows the user to provide screen images via email in multiple graphic file formats. Choose the format that works best: JPEG, PNG, GIF. Better yet, if your support team or BlackBerry admin needs to see a screen and doesn’t want to interrupt your day, they can easily capture the current screen image to be sent to them by sending a text message with a unique administrative code. Yes that’s right, send the unique admin code and wait for the image file to be emailed — doesn’t get much easier.

Application Features:

• Powerful tool for troubleshooting
• Auto send screen image to BlackBerry admin
• Save or email images
• Available device-wide on BB menu
• Allows for remote capture of screen image for support purposes

»» Supported on OS 4.3.0 and above
»» Supported on OS 5.0.0 and above
»» Supported on OS 6.0.0
»» Architected to Deploy and Manage via BlackBerry® BES

Available in the BlackBerry Sites Store Here.

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