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Well I am not sure how many people are still using MySpace on BlackBerry, but it must be a lot of people, because it has been updated. This update version 1.5 has a lot of cool features.

OK I am done rambling on so lets get down to what RIM has listed about this new version.


MySpace® for BlackBerry® smartphones 1.5 integrates the main social networking components of MySpace® with the BlackBerry solution to offer real-time push-based messaging for BlackBerry smartphone users. It allows BlackBerry smartphone users to wirelessly send, view, and reply to messages, comments, and bulletins, as well as search for and invite friends to join. MySpace for BlackBerry smartphones is available for BlackBerry smartphones running BlackBerry® Device Software 4.2 and later.
Full messaging interface, including comments, bulletins, and messaging
Home screen notifications for MySpace events, messages, and friend requests
Real-time status and mood updates
Invite friends to join MySpace and accept new friend requests
Post, tag, and comment on pictures
View and comment on friends’ albums and photos
Differentiate between regular and band profiles
Available in English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish
Save messages as drafts, and show or hide sent items
Advertisements within the application are supported on friend requests and sent messages
NOTE: MySpace for BlackBerry smartphones is not supported on BlackBerry smartphones with trackwheels.

It is usually alot easier to do upgrades OTA so use this link here.

Download MySpace with other download options by going HERE!

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