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Research in Motion announced today that BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing 3.0 is now fully available, including support for the UK

Description: Once you’ve installed the free BlackBerry® Mobile Conferencing app on your BlackBerry smartphone, you’ll appreciate how it helps make joining conference calls easier than ever. Now available for the first time in the UK, it includes powerful features that make scheduling conference calls simple, and intelligence that can discover conference information and dial you in automatically so you don’t have to. In fact, it’s designed to be so intuitive that even if you forget that it’s there, it’s sure to become an essential tool that you’ll rely on to manage your day.

Here are the key features in this version:
• App icon – The BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing icon on your home screen takes you to video demos of key features, lets you share the app with friends or colleagues and allows you to provide feedback about the app directly to Research In Motion®.

• Join Now – the BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing app adds a button to calendar reminders on your BlackBerry smartphone that can dial you in to a call automatically. If the invite includes multiple dial-in numbers for different locations, the app can choose the most appropriate one for you (within North America and the United Kingdom only).

• Email to Meeting Conversion – Help put an end to long email threads by scheduling a conference call using the “Schedule Conference” menu item on any email. The sender and recipients of the email are included as meeting attendees, the email subject becomes your meeting subject and part of the email message is copied into your invite automatically. Just add your conference call details from a stored profile, click send and you’re set.

• Conference Profiles – Add conference call details to almost any meeting you schedule from your BlackBerry smartphone with a single click using conference call details from up to 10 profiles stored on your device.

• Private Moderator Codes – You can keep your moderator codes private. For meeting invitations you created, the app can use your conference profiles to dial you in as the moderator. That means you can leave your moderator code out of invites sent from your computer for added privacy without sacrificing convenience.

Price Free

BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing Applicaiton in App World Here.

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