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Ahoy matey! Live the life and career of a pirate in Sid Meier`s Pirates! Use strategy and skill to build attributes in sword fighting, cash, and even ship battles. Challenges are around every corner, be ye ready to surrender?


  • Stays true to the classic Sid Meier`s Pirates! game with mass market appeal.
  • Use strategy and skill to build character attributes.
  • Entertaining role playing game where challenges are around every corner, each with individual win conditions.
  • Enjoy hand-to-hand or ship-to-ship combat.
  • Players are given ranks in sword fighting, cash, ship battles, etc. that are used in the online leader boards.

Price is normailly 4.99 but today it is available for 2.99.

Compatible with most all devices.

You can pick it up in our store Here.


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