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Learn from BlackBerry Insiders and Experts at the BlackBerry Developer Conference. Held in San Francisco, California, November 9–12, the BlackBerry® Developer Conference represents the best opportunity to get up to date on all the latest advances to the BlackBerry platform.

bbMeet with fellow developers and get the scoop on developing in-house apps for the BlackBerry platform

Here are just a few examples of sessions scheduled for this year’s conference:

* Building Compelling Applications: How to Create a Great User Experience
* Optimizing Your Application: Using Background
* Threads, Improving Battery Life, and Ensuring Proper Memory Management
* How to Use Gears: A Start to Finish Approach to Leveraging Gears in Your Advanced Web Application
* Hidden Gems – Little Known, But Highly Useful BlackBerry Java APIs and BlackBerry JDE Features
* Making the Best User Experience on Web Applications

Registration and Additional Info HERE!
Agenda, Speakers and Itinerary HERE!

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