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All of the homescreen icons in Core are organized in a cell system. Each icon you see represents a category that once clicked or touched, reveals a handful of icons, allowing for quick access to your web, media, phone, utilities apps and more, a grand total of 25-28 icons.

No more sliding until you finally find the category you were looking for.

Got an app that you’d like on the homescreen that isn’t there already? Core adapts to you. Just move the icon to the top of your application list and it will be visible in one of the 9-12 slots in the custom category. (To get to the Custom category, touch in the middle of the screen or scroll to the side)

Core has an intense, futuristic green vibe with detail to impress. The wallpaper is locked so you won’t be able to customize it, but given the design of Core, it doesn’t make any sense to.

The Core Theme:
♦ Practical design
♦ Clean, simple and professional
♦ 16 locked icons
♦ 9-12 customizable icons
♦ Polished dash board interface
♦ Fast and snappy

Price 6.99
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