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blackberry connect four    blackberry connect 4 bbm

Connect4 is an simple Connect Four styled game with BBM integration.

For those who aren’t familiar with Connect 4, it’s a game where you have to get four of your colored chips in a row to win the game. Each color takes turns putting their chips in where you’ll have to play a bit of defense to stop your opponent from getting four in a row

With this game, you can
– Play the game versus your BBM existed contacts or friends.
– Start offline game, two players can play against each other in a single device
– In-game chatting. That means, you can chat with your opponent right in the game
– Send invitation to download game!
– Send file to your friends
– Send popup message to your friends
– Start an BBM chat with your opponent or your BBM contacts
– Host public game
– Join public game

T he Scoring record system
With the online game, you can view your current score or view your friends score via the BBM’s status!
For the first time, you have 1500 marks. And if:
– You win a match, you’ll gain 10 marks
– You lose a match, you’ll lose 10 marks
– A draw game takes no effect to your score

The score system is only available on online game, not offline game
– The built help screen help you easier to setup and use the game!
– The Settings to enable/disable sound

Trial version
The trial version is fully features as the paid version but you’re limited for 10 times to run the game!

Check it out!
P/S: Note that the Invite friends to download will available when the game is submitted to Blackberry ! Don’t worry, it’ll be submitted soon!

This game supports OS 6, OS 7 and BBM 6 above

Price 0.99

Available in our BlackBerry Sites Store Here.

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