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This wonderful fully-featured compass is the next step up from our popular Compass Lite. Compass uses the built-in GPS in the device to show your line of travel, speed, latitude and longitude and where North is in relation to your heading on a variety of stunning backgrounds. To establish a line of travel, you MUST BE MOVING to use it! .
Compass can now store locations called WayPoints and integrates those WayPoints with Google Maps and BlackBerry Maps!


  • Stunning new backgrounds (in both portrait and landscape orientations on the Storm); some are even animated!
  • The ability to change the format of the Heading, the lat/long and the speed: You can choose formats like Degrees, Minutes, Seconds or miles/hour
  • The ability to display and/or reset the maximum speed
  • New header graphics that show time, date, battery strength, # of satellites/GPS strength
  • Store WayPoint locations with a title and description
  • Show WayPoints or your current location in Google Maps or BlackBerry Maps
  • Show a route to a chosen WayPoint in Google Maps or BlackBerry Maps
  • Multilingual: supports English, German, Italian, French and Spanish
  • ——————
  • The red arrow in the compass rose always points to True North and updates when your location changes
  • Requires access to the internal GPS on device and the ability to set device permissions; Google Maps and/or BlackBerry Maps to enjoy all features (data charges *may* apply depending on your plan with your carrier)
  • This is not an iPhone compass! It is GPS-based and you NEED TO BE MOVING to use it! It takes REPEATED READINGS from the GPS data so you must move your location (not far: 5 – 10 meters or so) to cause the compass rose to rotate.

Price 4.99 with sale price of 2.49

Available in our Store Here.

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