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You love your BlackBerry®, but having to close out of one website just so you can open and view another can be very time consuming. With Shortcut Lite for BlackBerry®, you can browse multiple websites at the touch of a button/icon!

Shortcut Lite is a unique web browser application that enables BlackBerry® users to save, view and switch between multiple web URLs—very quick and easy-to-use, like using tab browsing on your desktop!

What Can ShortCut Lite Do For You?
* Shortcut Lite can create a “tab browsing” experience like that of a desktop browser, allowing you to quickly open and switch back and forth between multiple websites.
* With Shortcut Lite, companies can easily set up multiple business-related URL shortcuts and download them onto employees’ BlackBerry® phones—helping to save time and increase productivity.
* It can also eliminate the need to setup and use cumbersome Bookmarks in your BlackBerry® browser.
* It can allow for quick zooming for the tough-to-read web pages, without having to use the BlackBerry® menu.
* Shortcut Lite can greatly enhance and accelerate your BlackBerry® web browsing experience!

Application Features

* User friendly Option Dialog Menu.
* Switch back and forth between multiple websites by simply choosing the respective icon.
* Save website URLs to a file folder or BlackBerry® home screen using user-defined names.
* Incremental magnification feature that allows you to zoom in and out when viewing sites, making them much easier to see and read on your BlackBerry® screen.
* View which of your favorite saved websites are active or not through a color-coded menu (Green = Active, Red = Inactive).
* Enjoy multiple methods of adding new shortcuts.
* Easily send text and/or email URL links and graphic image files from your shortcut websites.
* Convenient Shortcut Lite Manager that allows for easy setup, addition and deletion of URL shortcuts.

Normally Priced at 9.99 but is available now thru December 31st for 4.99

Available in our Store Here.

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