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A few days ago someone suggested that I should  check out a new application by ShaoSoft called SixTools.  I will admit that I gave the "one raised eyebrow" reaction when my friend said it was an app that had several interesting tools that were only for BlackBerry devices running OS 6.0, but as soon as I made my journey to the BlackBerry Sites Store and read the description I was straight up giddy!  I know the number 1 irritation for many long time BlackBerry users with the BlackBerry Torch is that RIM decided to remove one of our convenience keys(I know WTF, right?).  Taking a convenience key away from a BlackBerry user is like taking a pacifier or "blankie" away from an infant at nap time, seriously un-cool!  Thankfully the Application Gods have smiled on us and sent ShaoSoft as there emissary to give us not 1, not 2, but……..3(Happy Dance!!) extra convenience keys by allowing you to use both volume keys as well as the mute key as convenience keys and he even intelligently made it inactive when you are using your media player.  Three Cheers for ShaoSoft!!

The application has some other cool features but to be honest they are of minimal importance to me compared to having my extra convenience keys, you can read the official store description below for all the features.  Also if you are a OS 5.0 or below user this genius developer has created an app for just the convenience keys on older devices HERE (on sale for $1.99 until Nov. 13th, 2010)

Get SixTools for your OS 6.0 BlackBerry in the BlacKBerry Sites Store for $2.99 until November 13th 2010 and for $3.49 after that.  

ShaoSoft was kind enough to give us a code for 10 free copies of SixTools, the code is sitestools and is first come first serve so get it fast.  If you miss out I certainly think $2.99 is more than worth quadrupling your number of convenience keys!

SixTools offers a variety of feature to enhance your OS6 experience. From adding extra convenience keys to your media keys to a battery indicator. 




  • Shortcuts – Assign applications to your Volume and Mute/Play keys , like having 3 extra convenience keys! Volume key shortcuts will be automatically disabled when a media player is running as to not conflict.
  • Start-Up Video – That short little intro clip that plays the first time you power up after an OS update, its a great way to notify you that your device has finished starting up
  • Holster Sounds – Have a sound effect play when you put your device in a holster or take it out
  • Battery Indicator – The OS 6 battery indicator can be horribly inaccurate, you can choose from 2 styles, precision which matches the default theme or modern. It will display this icon with battery level in your notification area.
  • Low Battery Alert – Alerts you when your battery drops below a certain level (configurable).
  • USB Connected – That annoying little pop-up that shows up every time you plug your USB cable in, now you can have it auto dismiss. You’ll get 5 seconds before it disappears in case you want to click one of the options
  • Status – Quick one touch way to get all vital stats about your device on one screen, with access to your event log and network diagnostics
  • Slider Sounds (Torch only) – Have a sound effect play when you open and close your slider
  • Portrait Lock Home Screen (Torch only)– You can set this to auto-lock the home screen or do a manual lock/unlock at any time in the app
  • Orientation Lock (Torch only) – Can be added to system wide menu to lock an application to either landscape or portrait.
Minimum Requirements:



  • OS 6

Display Dimensions
   240×320, 320×240, 360×400, 360×480, 480×360
Operating System
   6.0 Non-Touch, 6.0 Touch Screen

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