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Description: AutoResize will resize the picture taking with the Camera application to your specified size. The resized picture is saved to the SD Card. It does not delete the original picture. You can also manually resize the picture in the Media or Files application. Just select the picture and select Resize Picture from the menu.

AutoResize can save to JPG or PNG format.

AutoResize is perfect tool to resize your pictures for email and upload to social media sites like FaceBook, Twitter or your own website.

* Automatically resize picture when you take a picture with the Camera
* Set different resize from 1024×768 to 320×240
* Save in JPG with different compression setting or PNG format
* Notify you when the picture is saved
* Can enable and disable resizing pictures taken with the Camera app
* Integrates with the Media and Files applications for manual resize. You can select a predefine size or enter a custom size to resize
* Resized pictures are saved into a different folder on the SDCar. Original picture is never deleted
* Compatible with BlackBerry OS5 and OS6

Price 0.99

Available in our BlackBerry Sites Store Here.

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