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Description: Want to get out of prison like Casanova did from Doge Palace in Venice? Or just planning a fishing or hunting party?
For sure will need MyMoonPhases to view the upcoming moon phase.

Accurate information
– Detailed moon phases up to year 2030 with rise time.
– Data organized by timeline, monthly or moon phase views.
Easy to use
– Save moon phases as events to BlackBerry Calendar.
– E-mail MyMoonPhases charts to your friends and family.
Reliable and effective
– Offline operation.
– Superior mobile data usage.
– No dependency on web servers and mobile coverage.
Start in just minutes by downloading MyMoonPhases to your BlackBerry
– User guide access directly in the application.
– Easy to use and quick to master.
– Responsive customer support.
Supports the newest devices like Torch, Bold 2, Storm 2 and 9100.

Price 1.99

Available in our store Here.

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