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I received a tip from a friend of mine that is an avid golfer and he was telling me about this new app he uses on his BlackBerry called Golf GPS by Swing By Swing. I visited the site and had a short conversation with Kassie (Public Relations) who was very helpful in providing me with some great information. Swing by Swing has been able to harness wireless and GPS technology, to bring you a FREE GPS Golf Range Finder that gives you reliable distance-to-green accuracy right on your BlackBerry Device.


No more searching for yardage markers, and no more guessing your distance. If your golf course has not been mapped yet, you can do it yourself or you can have it mapped for you at a very nice price.
Any golfer in the world can use it for free.
Swing by Swing has compiled one of the largest golf course databases in the world, and they made it easy for you to view the course information, including scorecards and satellite maps.
Swing by Swing displays the distance between location points on any golf course in the world. More than 8,500 courses are in the Swing by Swing system, with hundreds more added daily. Users can view a satellite photo of Capture9_41_59the hole they are playing, including the green and any obstacles in their path, such as water hazards and sand traps

Before you can use the FREE Swing by Swing GPS range finder, your course must be mapped. I searched a course that is local to me and it was already mapped.

The first step of mapping your course is to search for it.
Once you find your course, click on “View Details” to see the scorecard and map

Want the Course Mapped for you?

Professional golf course entry service may be for you if you meet any of the criteria below:
* You don’t want to use our online mapping tool to enter the course yourself.
* You are too busy to map it yourself.
* You’re not confident you’ll get it right.
* You just want the damn range finder to work on your home course!

It only costs $11.99, and has a usual turn around within a couple of days.

You can access the Swing By Swing Website for additional info HERE!
To install the FREE Swing by Swing GPS rangefinder on your BlackBerry OTA go HERE!

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