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Always nice to see improvements being made available for the end user with enterprise tools and support resources.

The BlackBerry® Expert Support Center (BESC) portal has a more modern look and feel and is easier to navigate!


Product-based tabs

All the BESC tools you need to support a particular product are now in one tab

Within each product tab, you’ll find applicable downloads, documentation and training resources

The “Tools” tab


  • This is the default tab that provides you with access to tools you use to interact with RIM and manage your support subscription
  • “Requests” box content is now specific to your subscription
  1. “My Service Request” is included
  2. “Chat,” “Tech to Site,” “Health Check Services” and “Change Management Planning” are visible, as applicable
  • The “My Subscription” box provides you with access to the Subscription tool, the Manage Support Staff and Software tools
  • Other important links

Up front information

  • If you’ve subscribed for the BlackBerry® Infrastructure Status feature (in your welcome package or through the link now conveniently placed in the “My Subscription” box) you will see the status of the BlackBerry environment on the left side of the portal
  • If a Service Request requires your attention, the icon and title of the “My Service Request” tool will indicate how many tickets await your response

Knowledge base and documentation search

  • Quickly initiate a search of the knowledge base or BlackBerry documentation

You can Access the BlackBerry® Expert Support Center (BESC) Here

Source : BlackBerry Support Community


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