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Never miss a message again! This application alerts you of missed phone calls, SMS, e-mail, PIN and voicemail. BlackBerry Alerts has multiple customization options, and also features a repeatable audible alert and LED control. With schedules, profile modes and defined alert priorities, version 1.2 is even better than before!


Features include:

  • Schedules: weekday and weekend
  • Silent mode option to work with color LED notification
  • Separate profile mode to allow different ring tones for each alert
  • Defined alert priorities (SMS, voicemail, call, pin, e-mail)

Additional Features:

Play audio through profiles means you can use your existing ring tones you already have or use the escalating alert that the program comes with. This ringtone can be set to repeat every 1, 3 or 9 minutes. Customize ring tones for each type of alert.

Color LED Alerts – for those with devices that support color LEDs (81XX, 88XX) you can configure the program to play alerts using the LED and selecting a color. This way you can have for example email as blue, missed calls as purple, sms as turquoise, etc.. This is a great feature and makes the program a must even without repeating audible alerts.

Voicemail detection to help alert you of those times when you miss a voicemail because you are out of coverage or downloading data. (may not work on all carriers)

Trial Version Available and recommended to verify compatibility:

Click Here for Trial or to Purchase!

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