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A Legally Addictive new tower defense game for the BlackBerry smartphone.

blackberry game tower defense

As someone that loves the defense style games, I have played this game for hours and I always enjoy the challenge.  Normally priced 4.99, Available today as a Deal of the Day for 2.49

Addictive Tower Defense offers a complete tower defense experience for your device including maps with mazing, predefined paths and a mixture of the two, as well as several other innovative twists on classic designs. With the downloadable map system you will be able to take advantage of new maps being released all of the time and with the online leader board, you'll never run out of competition.

Six very different maps included, with more maps downloadable for free
Multiple difficulty levels to challenge all types of gamers
Six exciting and powerful towers to destroy the enemy with
Multiple save points so you can return to any in progress game at your convenience
Compete on the online high score tables against other Addictive Tower Defense players
Fast-paced gameplay with early wave advancement and many attackers on screen at one time
Customizable holstering behavior for playing on the go
Up to 6x fast forwarding
Take screenshots from within the game to prove your tower defense skills
See a breakdown of the key statistics after each game to improve on your past results
Check the cost and reward of upgrading different towers from within the game

Available in the BlackBerry Sites Store Here.

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