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As BlackBerry 6 gets closer to releasing, I hope RIM keeps some official photos and videos coming. Here are a couple of screen shots and one of the questions asked with Douglas Soltys Inside BlackBerry and Joey Benedek, Director of UX Research at Research In Motion®. Follow the link below for all the screen shots and the entire Q&A.

What is the biggest change in the Home Screen design?

In BlackBerry 6, there are now five separate views that a user can easily switch between using the Navigation Bar, depending on their preference and the type of information they’re looking for. These include: “Frequent”, where your most frequently-used apps are automatically placed for easy access; “Favorites”, where you can choose to add not just your favorite applications, but also to create shortcuts to particular Contacts or web pages (making the important people and information in your life just one click away!); “Media”, for all your media-centric content; “Downloads”, for all the apps you download; and “All” – this is the big vertical list that you can scroll through, similar to the Home Screen today. Users will be able to simply slide left and right (the touch-screen or trackpad, depending on your BlackBerry smartphone model) to quickly get to any of these new view panes.

For the entire article go to Inside BlackBerry HERE!

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