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Research In Motion (RIM) is pleased to announce that the new BlackBerry® Enterprise Server software version 5.0 is now available.


This latest version of BlackBerry Enterprise Server includes updates to the core features, as well as a host of new capabilities. The software’s many new tools provide the most complete and efficient way to manage the BlackBerry® Enterprise Solution.Check out what’s in store when you upgrade:

* BlackBerry Administration Service, a new architecture that provides advanced manageability
* BlackBerry® Enterprise Transporter to help simplify BlackBerry smartphone user migration
* “Built-in” high availability architecture, enabling automated failover of components, allowing fast recovery from unplanned downtime
* Enhanced application management and improved deployment capabilities
* Easier ways for users to access desktop features* on their BlackBerry® smartphones
* …and much more!

More power. More control. More efficiency.
Upgrade to the new BlackBerry Enterprise Server v5.0 today and manage your wireless infrastructure with more power, control and efficiency than ever.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server v5.0 is engineered to meet the mobility demands of mission critical enterprise environments and the administrative demands of the IT departments that manage them. It will redefine how your organization deploys, monitors, and supports BlackBerry® smartphones.

To download the 60 Day Free Trial and additional Q&A  go HERE!

To upgrade the download site is HERE!

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