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Thanks to Candido ( CEO ) of Paytech for sending us this information about PayPocket.


PayPocket is a very simple, user friendly BlackBerry® app that will allow a BlackBerry® user to process Credit Cards and ACH debits right on the BlackBerry® . PayPocket is connected to our proprietary payment gateway. PayPocket will allow a merchant to literally take a payment anywhere where their BlackBerry®  has a signal thus finally making merchant accounts totally mobile. Since PayPocket is connected to our gateway, all reports are available online 24/7 for the merchant. There are over 30 reports in our online reporting and all are exportable to csv, pdf, xml, word and exel. Also, PayPocket utilizes a username associated with our gateway for each device, if a company has several salespeople, each BlackBerry® Paypocket would create its own independent batch of transactions daily, this way a supervisor can login and see payments taken by each PayPocket user separately and in realtime even if they share the same merchant account. When we designed PayPocket we decided that all data would reside on our servers and never on the device for security reasons. If a device is stolen, no one will be able to retrieve any payment data from it because its not there. In the same manner, a supervisor can login to our EFS gateway and disable the user for that particular device so no other payments can be processed through it.
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What you need to use PayPocket:
1. Paytech ach processing account
2. Credit card merchant account provided by Paytech (if cc’s are to be accepted)
3. Blackberry device
4. Virtual terminal user info from a virtual terminal user in your Paytech payment processing platform.

Blackberry Enterprise users also get additional security. We can configure the merchants network/public IP into our gateway so only devices on that Enterprise can process payments. We designed PayPocket to work for any size merchant and to be as simple as possible. We are very happy with our end product and we are using the same model most of the credit card industry is using for sales, free terminals. Paytech will offer the merchant accounts for CC processing as well as the ACH processing accounts. We will also give all PayPocket merchants free access to our Virtual Terminal for phone payments and recurring payments as well as access to our gateway services to connect web sites or shopping carts for payment processing.

How does PayPocket Work?
Paypocket is designed to work as a mobile app that resides on your blackberry. You can
Install as many paypocket apps. As you need in as many devices as you need. We
Recommend that each paypocket/device is tied to a particular virtual terminal user in
Your paytech system. We do not recommend you share virtual terminal users in more
Than one device so you will be able to track sales per device/salesperson.
Once you have created the virtual terminal user in your paytech payment system just
Download paypocket “over the air” from your device by going HERE.

Check out PayTech Home Page HERE!

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