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About a week  or so ago we told you about the Bipper bSafe app coming to BlackBerrry and it is now available in BlackBerry App World. Bipper bSafe is a GPS-based personal safety alarm packed with features to make you feel safe. With bSafe you never walk alone!

bSafe lets you set up your own safety network of chosen friends and family members as Guardians. In case of emergency the alarm can be activated by one touch and all Guardians will be informed by call/text about your location.


• PANIC BUTTON: When alarm is activated all Guardians are immediately texted with link to a map with your location (GPS), and one selected Guardian is called up as well.

• FAKE CALL: Make the phone fake an incoming call if you feel threatened.

Price Free

Bipper bSafe is Available in BlackBerry App World Here.

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