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berry weather

When I first installed BerryWeather on my BlackBerry a long time ago, I really never thought I would check it as much as I do, but it does come in quite handy during the day and seeing how things look for the weekend. BerryWeather offers lots of different looks as well.

Get instant access to current conditions plus detailed 7-day and 24-hour forecasts for over 72.000 locations worldwide. Get weather advisories and alerts for any location within the U.S.

New features

  • Adjusted day/night background images for higher resolution screens on OS 7.0
  • Added native send menu for sharing weather on OS 7.0 (Facebook, Twitter, BBM etc)
  • Added native send menu on OS 7.0 for sharing weather advisory
  • Added new compact forecast style/configurable POP visibility
  • Added support for multiple built-in maps
  • Added auto-dismissing popup showing detailed error information when location update fails
  • Reworked license screen
  • Reworked settings categories screen
  • Minor changes to theme colors
  • Fixed error on first load of radar map

Price 9.99

Available in the BlackBerry Sites Store Here.

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