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jingu bbm avatar builder
Jarrod Wallach of LedoPro let us know that Jingu Apps and BBMShirts have partnered up.
Jingu Apps and have decided to partner up.  RIZ (Singer/Song writer of “Ping me Baby!”) from BBMShirts and Theban (Former BBM Project Manager for RIM) from Jingu Apps struck a deal today to partner up their companies/products.  This deal will include the sale of BBMShirts (Virtual products) with in the Jingu Avatar app.  This means that, coming with a new update, users will be able to put ‘BBMShirt’ shirts and sweatshirts on their Jingu Avatars.  Users will also be able to then (from the app) link up and purchase a full size BBMShirt from
Jingu and BBMShirts have decided to also offer a new service with their partnership, a service that is not done anywhere else.  With this service you will be able to customize your avatar via the Jingu avatar app, and then have your avatar printed on a BBMShirt, with your QR code on the back or sleeve of the shirt.  This now takes your custom virtual avatar and brings it to life, via a shirt or sweatshirt.
This sort of Partnership is great for both companies and big news for the BlackBerry community.  This is only the first of many great things you could see from the guys at Jingu Apps and,  they are currently brainstorming more ideas for the future.
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