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blackberry profile switching app

2.99 in the BlackBerry Sites Store Here

ProfilerX is an application that lets you automate system sound profile switching during the day. You can schedule profiles each day to change from one profile to another. Each profile you set the time to switch, the days which the profile will be active eg: Monday to Friday. Optionally you can set to change a new Wallpaper on the HomeScreen and change a ringtone.
ProfilerX is the only sound profile application that allows you to use the Cell Tower information, Bluetooth connected devices and WiFi hotspot to switch sound profile.

You can configure ProfilerX to switch to a different profile when you arrive at the Office, when the BlackBerry is connected to the car handsfree Bluetooth or when the BlackBerry is connected to the WiFi network. You can use any combination to control profile switching.

With ProfilerX you have total control over Bluetooth, Wifi and Mobile network connectivity. You can tell ProfilerX when to turn on and off BT, WiFI and Mobile Network. Note: when turn on and off Bluetooth ProfilerX will NOT work if the BB is in the Holster or keyboard locked.

* Support up to 64 scheduled profiles
* Four different profiles: Time Schedule, Location base, Bluetooth and WiFi
* Support Custom profiles
* Selective days to activate profile
* Optionally set a different Wallpaper or Ringtone when a profile is switched
* Optionally vibrate when device is in Holster or locked
* Manage Bluetooth, Wifi and Mobile network with each profile. eg: turn off Wifi, BT or Mobile network when not needed
* Very easy to use

2.99 in the BlackBerry Sites Store Here

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