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When I came across this new mCare application I sent an email asking for some additional information and ended up with the pleasure of speaking to Simon (Marketing Director) of Astute Mobile Date Solutions.

Astute a UK company started business in December of 2007 and is quickly becoming a pioneer in the growing world of the BlackBerry® market.

Astute’s philosophy is this; “Deliver a solution then stand behind it on a day to day basis.”  This philosophy in my opinion will guarantee this companies long term success and I look forward to covering Astute as they continue on a positive track.

About the product:
The mCare application was developed for Northern Doctors Urgent Care (NDUC), enabling physicians to access and update patient records from their BlackBerry® smartphones in real-time.


The mCare application was custom built by Astute for NDUC, a leading UK organization for large-scale unscheduled patient care provision. mCare allows out-of-hours physicians to securely access and update patient records from their BlackBerry smartphones in real-time, while using the NDUC’s own Microsoft SQL clinical database and meeting all of the UK’s stringent security requirements for safeguarding patient records and confidentiality.

In addition to having the most up-to-date patient records available during out of hours and at home consultations, mCare also enables physicians to securely send consultation details back to the control centre in real-time, saving almost an hour of record updating per shift. Moreover, as the information is temporarily stored in the mCare application, the clinician can work with the patient without worrying about losing data if they are out of wireless coverage.


Congratulation to Astute Mobile Data Solutions, UK’s premier application provider for the BlackBerry® platform, for being  recognized at the 2009 Wireless Leadership Awards, where it was named a finalist in the Innovation in Public Sector category.

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