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Ever have something really annoy you when you are out and about? Maybe a new trendy wardrobe style, bumper sticker on a car,  a certain style of haircut or maybe an out of place road sign that you drive past everyday?

soannoying logo gives you a place to vent, get things off your chest and at the same time let everyone else see, share and maybe relate to your annoyance.

Tyler let us know that has released a new app that allows you to submit your annoyance on the fly with this new FREE BlackBerry app. The SoAnnoying App is a tool for you when you Get Annoyed while on the train, dog walking, painting the town, at restaurants, in lines, or anywhere you wanna snap a pic, describe it, and let it out to the world.

This app is not a mobile/miniature version of It is an Annoyance Upload Program that will create and send your Posting for approval and publication.

Be sure to register, Login and start sharing.

NOTE*** A mobile version of should be available soon. Enjoy!

You can pick up this app in our Store HERE!

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