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Thanks to Amanda for giving us a heads up about this.

T-Mobile is excited to partner with RIM to deliver their recently announced BlackBerry Mobile Voice System (MVS) which will be available to T-Mobile business customers in the coming months.  As a leader in Wi-Fi calling, T-Mobile has integrated BlackBerry MVS as a key component of our enterprise offering. This new service will allow customers to replace the need for a desk phone with one of T-Mobile’s many Wi-Fi enabled BlackBerry smartphones, and potentially save hundreds of dollars a month.


View incoming calls to your desktop phone on your BlackBerry smartphone.

Switch from your desktop phone to your BlackBerry smartphone during a call.
T-Mobile is introducing T-Mobile Wi-Fi Calling for Business, a new enterprise solution that allows business customers and their employees to make unlimited nationwide calls over Wi-Fi for just $10/month. Additionally, businesses with more than 100 lines of voice and data service may use BlackBerry smartphones from T-Mobile to receive free Wi-Fi calling nationwide and from abroad to the U.S.

As the only national U.S. wireless carrier to offer Wi-Fi calling (through Unlicensed Mobile Access technology), T-Mobile delivers great coverage and reduces enterprise mobility costs. Business customers can enjoy great mobile coverage and unlimited calling over Wi-Fi at work, home, locations within the T-Mobile HotSpot network or any ‘open’ Wi-Fi hotspot. As the use of Wi-Fi minutes increase, customers can avoid mobile phone overage charges (and often need less minutes per month). And unlike VoIP calling, when customers leave work, home or exit the T-Mobile HotSpot network, their calls will seamlessly transfer onto T-Mobile’s cellular network.

T-Mobile Site HERE!

BlackBerry MVS Server Press Release HERE!

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