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alpha browser blackberry 10

I have been using Alpha Browser for a while now and it continues to get updates and improvements. This browser offers tabs, bookmarks, search, background image and a whole lot more. Alpha Browser is really becoming my go to browser on my Z10.

New with Update
-Replaced numbers with icons for easier tab change
-Gmai fix
-More search options (youube/twitter.duckduckgo)
-Added homepage with option to load on start
-Tilt to go full screen/Shake to go back to normal
-Lock scrolling (for google maps etc)
-Delete cahce option
-Google suggestions option(on/off)
-Redisigned active frame


The price is currently 0.99 but does say for a limited time.


-100% Native cascades application
-Tabs support
-Home page with search function
-Bing image of the day background
-Use swipe gestures to switch tabs
-Ad blocker
-Privacy settings
-BBM Connected
-Active Frame
-Use this browser as the default browser
-User agents
-Instant share wepbage screenshot
-Keyboard Shortcuts for BlackBerry Q10/ BlackBerry Q5
-Custom clock


Alpha Browser for BlackBerry 10 Available in App World Here.

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