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Allstate Motor Club today announced the launch of a new mobile application that brings its full suite of roadside services directly to drivers currently using the Blackberry® Curve™  and BlackBerry® Bold™ smartphone with more devices  being added in the future. allstate

Through this app, which is free to download, Allstate Motor Club is now making many of its services available to non-members for the first time.

The new app uses global positioning system (GPS) technology, automatically determining a caller’s location to help identify and connect to the nearest available service provider. Drivers can diagnose their roadside need and initiate service in less than a minute.

Allstate Motor Club members can download the app and pre-register their contact information and membership ID. Drivers without Allstate Motor Club memberships can use the app on a pay-per-use basis. When requesting roadside assistance, the app automatically transmits the driver’s location and service details to a nearby service provider. Once service is confirmed, the app provides the service provider’s name and an estimated time of arrival.

You can download the application by going HERE!

Source: (Allstate News Room)

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