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Alchemy Game for BlackBerry is an interesting and challenging puzzle game that involves taking four starting elements (air, water, fire and ground) and combining them back and fourth to eventually create a total of 300 different unique items. When the game first starts, you are presented with a mirrored screen that contains a left and right column, both of which contain the four original elements. To begin making new elements just select one from a column and combine it with an element in the opposite column. If those elements can be combined they change into a new item.  Each new item you discover creates new combinations to try.

I highly recommend this game for anyone that is a fan of addictive puzzles. It is very simple to play, but gets increasingly complicated as you go. As new combinations become available it gets really hard to keep track of which ones you have previously tried. Thankfully the game has an easily accessible hint feature that gives you a clue when you are stuck without spoiling anything. Other features include, 4 unlock-able ranks (Junior Alchemist, Bachelor of Alchemy, Master of Alchemy and Guru of Alchemy) and the ability to share your current rank on BBM or Facebook.

Alchemy Game supports both touch and non-touch devices running OS 5 and above and a free trial version with 40 elements to discover is available.

Price: Free trial or $1.99 for full game

Alchemy Game is available in App World here


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