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Special thanks to @moBistro for providing many mobile restaurant sites to be restaurant_sizedadded to restaurant category.

If you do not see your favorite restaurant and they have a mobile site, please use the link request and we will get them added. If your favorite restaurant does not have a mobile site, have themĀ  visit moBistro and see how easy it is to create one.

About moBistro.

moBistro provides a great service platform that allows restaurants to go mobile. Specifically geared towards helping restaurants this will be great when you are out and about on your BlackBerry Device.

moBistro provides you with a mobile detection script that enables your desktop website to recognize traffic from mobile devices and redirect them to your mobile website.

Your customer is out and wants to find out something about your restaurant:

  1. Customer looks up your website from his or her mobile device
  2. The device detection script on your desktop website recognizes this is a mobile device
  3. The customer is automatically redirected to your mobile website powered by moBistro
  4. He or she quickly gets the info they need instead of getting frustrated and going elsewhere
  5. Customer is happy.
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