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Really enjoying using this LauchPad application, Launch Pad allows you to create launcher icons on your BlackBerry device for websites, Emails, Phone numbers and more. Great Application!

Description: Ever wanted to put a link to your favorite website, or a frequently contacted friend straight on your home screen? LaunchPad will let you do just that! LaunchPad is a utility to allow you to make your own home screen launcher icons that will either launch a website, start a call to a specified number or start composing an email or SMS to a chosen address. LaunchPad allows you to pick your own image as an icon, or it will even fetch an icon from the website or address book.

Creating an icon is simple. Click on the LaunchPad icon, select the type of launcher you want to create, fill the form and click create. You'll be taken to a browser screen prompting you to download and install. Not to worry, you aren't downloading anything from online. It's all local! Click on 'Download' and your launcher will quickly install. Now you have your very own launcher icon on your home screen. Clicking it will launch the browser, start a call or start an email or SMS accordingly. The perfect, eye-pleasing solution for all those frequently visited websites, and frequently contacted friends.

Price 0.99

Available in the BlackBerry Sites store Here.

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