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People have been asking about info on the Storm 2 and Salomondrin has had the opportunity to do just that with the Storm 2-9550 from Verizon. Salomodrin was nice enough to share this information with us. Provided below you can see his take on the hardware and software. Also he did a review video which is a great video but you will hear and see that he is using one of the most recent versions of the Storm 2. (the new Storm 2 will not dissapoint. Take the time to watch the video and you will see for yourself. A big thanks to Salomodrin for letting us use this inforamtion.

The Hardware:
The phone is great to look at, and specially with RIM fixing the previous battery door problems that older revisions had, the phone is ready for every day use. The screen’s response is perfect at all times (Even though this is OS dependent), and there is no more light leaking around the screen

The Software:
The latest update I did to the phone made the phone a solid device. This is exactly what RIM had in mind when they decided to put out the phone. We are back to the screen becoming solid when its off, but now the buttons on the bottom of the phone (send, end, app, return) are able to bring the screen back to live  as well. I don’t know how that is possible since those buttons are integrated on the screen, but I’m loving it. Random reboots are a thing of the past. In fact, they got rid of those with builds over .19X. There is no random freezing on the screen anymore either, and every single click works this time. The OS also makes the phone very snappy (responds really fast) whether you are going in or out of a menu, making a call, or even texting, the lag is completely gone here. With this bad boy you can text as fast as you want, and not as fast as the phone allows you to, like with the first version of the Storm.

Source: Salomondrin

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