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For the first time in Blackberry App history Twinkler Software has created an amazing cooperative sale…They have partnered with Toysoft, Fabian Heuwieser, and Trimax84 Themes to bring you an amazing selection of 61 applications and themes from the best names in Blackberry App Development all on SALE.

Starting now through Sunday (11/30) ALL apps will be on sale for 50% OFF! (Buy as many as you want and get 50% off on each!)

Promo Codes:
Twinkler Software – use coupon code “BFTW
Toysoft – use coupon code “BFTS
Fabian Heuwieser – use coupon code “BFFH
Trimax84 Themes – use coupon code “BFTR

Here are the 61 products on sale:

AddOnis, AddContactX, SendX, Kama Sutra, TyperSpeed, Elverado Today, myScheduleNFL, VibandRing, Elverado Dock, Periodical Table,
WallpaperShuffle, Elverado Double Dock, WiFi Hero, Dipcalc, BlinkWhileCall, Elverado SideU, Ballz, Laterdude Pro, Elverado Today-L,
GoFish, Elverado Arcs, Luck7Slots, Elverado Blank Tags, Sea Battle, Elverado L, WackOMole, Elverado Today Extended, BatterInfo,
Elverado Dock+, IconManager, Elverado L Slider, magicIcon, Elverado Double Row, PictureDial, Elverado Hidden Today, PictureID,
Elverado Icon, PictureLink, Elverado U, VisualArts, Elverado Hidden Arcs, bQuiet, Elverado Hidden Dock, KoolSounds, Elverado Assemble Location Profiler, Elverado L+, ProfilerPro, Momentum Glyde, RandomTones, Momentum Flyout, BuzzOff, Momentum Lift, CallNotes, Momentum Rotunda, FakeCall, myCallLogs, NotNow, SendIt, SmsCounter, TipCalc

Simply go to our Store HERE and search one of these 61 apps/themes listed above or search the developer and enter the correct promo code for the listed Developer.

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